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JBEMPL is instrumental in establishing 400 educational institutions across 9 states of India. Over the years, the company has widened its horizon and has forayed into diverse areas of Setting Up Of Schools, Management Consultancy, Conducting Feasibility Study, School Audit, Early Years Education, School Leadership Coaching, Professional Development & Training For Teachers And Academic Content Creation.

The spectrum of services offered by JBEMPL for establishing a new school as well as for the improvement of existing schools broadly are:

• Market Survey
• Feasibility Report / Assessment
• Sustainable school concepts
• Detailed project report
• Strategic financial & Academic planning
• Organization / Governance Structure
• School Curricular Support
• Improvement and Management Services


Establishing A School

New school setup process can be overwhelming even for the cream of entrepreneurs. If not managed resourcefully, minute details of the project can ruin the big plan and unanswered questions can cause confusion. It is important to appreciate the target market, create a strong foundation for school logistics, facilitate age-appropriate learning programs, provision relevant learning spaces,
recruit best teachers and competent staff, establish institutional policies, procedures to track student progress and ensure access to high-quality school technology and supplies.

All these organizational goals need to be accomplished within the time frame and budget. Our Team engage with individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporates who possess financial resources to start a school in India and operate it either under franchise model or by establishing and developing a new brand. JBEMPL’s experience covers school setups built on various scales, curriculum’s, K-12 grades and different boards of affiliation including CBSE, ICSE & IGCSE. Our team, operate in close collaboration with investors and ensure speedy and accurate outcomes.

Conceiving to Creating

We have considerable experience navigating all the distinct steps involved in setting up a new school including drafting a feasibility report as well as a detailed project report. We create access to the right talent, plan school facilities, draft master plan, decide upon suitable architecture and design for school building and interiors, establish curriculum, create policies to deliver an ultimate world-class educational experience. we comprehend the changing expectations of the world about how a school should be and what a school should do and we help build schools likewise. We envision how a school should be many years down the line and not purely based on present-day or historic requisites.

To proceed with an initial idea all the way to opening a new school requires thorough preparation, comprehensive planning, commitment, and dedicated resources. We provide the necessary guidance, strategic advisory on all aspects concerning the new school which includes, but is not limited to, 

  • School architecture & design

  • Curriculum/academic program

  • Training

  • Fees structuring

  • Policies & procedures

  • Brand promotion

  • Marketing

  • Maximizing admissions

  • School supplies & materials

  • Statutory compliance

  • Affiliation

  • Budgeting, and finance.

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